Unless properly vaccinated, your pet is at risk of contracting one of several, possibly fatal, infectious diseases. Infectious diseases can be prevented by routine vaccination.

Rabies is a fatal disease for people or any animal unlucky enough to be exposed through a bite or scratch to the saliva of a rabid animal, so extra precautions must be taken to protect us all. Rabid animals don't behave like normal animals - sometimes they're overly friendly or abnormally aggressive. We've heard stories about rabid raccoons breaking through screens and coming indoors, and it's quite common for bats, which have a high incidence of rabies, to find their way indoors.

Do Not have your Pet Vaccinated at a Vaccine Clinic

Vaccination clinics are designed to provide streamlined service for pets in need of their regular immunizations. These clinics are generally not prepared for the individual attention required by our beloved pets.

They would likely to provide low quality vaccines to keep to cost down and they are not equipped to deal with potential vaccine reactions. In case your pet gets a vaccine reaction to these low cost vaccines you will have to go to a fully equipped animal hospital and pay for the necessary treatments which could be up to $1000.

Whereas when you get a quality vaccine product, not only would you have much lower reaction rate, but treatment for a possible reaction would be covered by the company. Basically you will not be paying for the treatment.

Here is a list of veterinary clinics providing free rabies vaccinations:

Some has contacted us asking what the catch is. Well, if your pet is NOT an existing patient at any of the hospitals below, they may require a complete physical examination prior to the vaccination. This should not to be interpreted as a catch. It is regulated by law. However, they may chose to give you a discount on the office visit fee. You should call them and ask.

Bergen County

  • Englewood Veterinary Center, Englewood
  • Tuliptown Vet Clinic, Tuliptown
  • Newark Clinic, Newark

  • New York City

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